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Dear Friends of Israel, as you know, Israel is in a fierce battle against the evil demonic terror organization Hamas. Let me shed some light from the Hebrew language about some words/names we all have become accustomed to lately.

First one is Hamas: it means violence, chaos, murder and mayhem, and it not a coincidence that the terrorists’ monsters of Hamas chose this name.

The name Gaza is a Biblical name that is first mentioned in the book of Genesis Ch 10:19 as one of the descendents of Ham and his son Kena’an who was cursed by Noh. In Hebrew the name Ahza/Gaza means; a strong hold. Ahza was one of five philistine’s cities, and they are: Ahza, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Ekron and Gath, the home of Goliath the giant.

Since 1948 when Israel becomes a nation once again, four out of five Philistines cities are Jewish except the strong hold of Ahza/Gaza that is the center of the evil Hamas, which is being destroyed as we speak.

With this short Biblical understanding we must support God’s People the nation of Israel and the IDF. Therefore, As an Israeli by birth, and a veteran of the IDF, I’m asking you dear friends to help us help the IDF. May you all be blessed as you bless God’s Chosen people.

Blessings, Rabbi Amnon Shor

We sent tactical gloves and pouches to this IDF unit in Isreael. They say in Hebrew, thanks Amnon Shor & Jerusalem Coalition.

We Have Ability and Experience to deliver needed items.

Rabbi Amnon Shor

Bet Shalom Congregation | Fresno, CA

Shalom, I am Rabbi Amnon Shor, and I am asking for your help to provide much-needed items and prayers for our IDF Soldiers. Three hundred thousand active and reservists have been called into active duty. 

Examples of items we will supply;

For IDF Soldiers:

Fleece jackets dark colors.
Dark gloves.
Mattresses (light sponges).
Sleeping bags (dark colors).
Fleece blankets.
tourniquets, first aid kits.
and many more…


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